Paid repairs and custom works

Are you interested in:
  • Renovation of your older firearm from the former production plant of Zbrojovka Brno?
  • An original firearm designed according to specific requirements?

Then this is an exclusive offer just for you.
Describe your requirements and our technical department will consider all aspects of your demand in terms of feasibility and will call you and propose any alternative technical solutions.

Participate in the production of firearms... with us!

ZBROJOVKA BRNO, s.r.o. provides its customers with the non-warranty servicing which can be classified as a paid repair or custom work. To determine whether our service centre can provide you with the required work, please use the online form and/or the e-mail address .

Recommended steps:
  • Describe your request in the online form
  • We will check your request and furnish you with our offer (price, payment terms, and delivery date)
  • If you accept the offer, please send your binding order
  • The service centre registers the order and assigns the identification number to the order
Necessary documents and firearm:
  • When submitting your firearm for the paid repair, it is necessary to submit the documents required by law (firearm licence, gun licence or purchase permits)
  • The firearm itself must be clean and discharged
  • Personal documents
Completion of repairs or custom works:
  • We will notify you of the completion of a repair or custom work
  • Then, you can collect the firearm
  • The delivery and acceptance of the firearm is based on a report 
Information for loyal/traditional customers

We value the customers of the former Zbrojovka Brno a.s. greatly, yet we deem it necessary to announce that Zbrojovka Brno, s.r.o. does not possess records and firearm logs from the former Zbrojovka Brno a.s.. That is the reason, why any inquiries regarding the exact date of manufacture of relevant firearms prior to 2006 cannot be duly answered with accurate data provided. Should our customers have any queries regarding operation manuals or drawings of firearms manufactured by the former Zbrojovka Brno a.s., we can assure them the details will appear on the website as soon as practicable.Repairs, bluing, special mounting devices, manufacture of additional barrel bundles, making of wood components (stock, for-end) and replacement of corroded or worn barrels. In such cases we strongly recommend to contact a competent gunsmith in your area. In the event of failure/requirement for adjustment of firearm, the subject firearm can be professionally inspected and diagnosed for faults or defects, but without any guarantee for repair – this service is provided against payment.

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